Do you have an Android app?

Yes we do, just for the YBI Verbs Driller. It's in beta at the moment so not yet available on the Play Store, but you can download it yourself here.

Verbs Driller App

"Why do things keep changing on the site?"

We're currently in beta so you can expect a few rough edges, and for things like navigation and scores to change while your back is turned.

And if you have any feedback then you'll be helping to mould this site so please do get in touch.

Email YBI

"How do I get accented characters like 'é' and 'ñ'?"

If you're on Windows, go to Microsoft Support and follow the instructions for your version.

Once you've done that, to switch between keyboard languages quickly you can press Shift-Alt together to toggle between available input languages.

When in Spanish input mode, you can type the accented vowels, 'á', 'é', 'í', 'ó' and 'ú' by first pressing the ' (apostrophe) key, then the vowel you need an acute accent on. You can also type 'ñ' with the ; (semi-colon) key.

Done it? Great! Now get back there and get drilled!

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